The Program - Tiered RevShare Explained

RevShare is short for Revenue Share and is paid based on a percentage of net player loss. At the Rewards Affiliates program, we offer a Tiered RevShare model where you’re rewarded for your performance with a higher commission percentage.

Our tier structure is calculated as follows:

Number of New
Purchasing Players
Commission %
0 - 10 25%
11 - 20 30%
21+ 35%

Revenue Share will be calculated in the following way:
(Casino Profit ) x Commission Percentage= (Total Loss – Total Payouts – Non-Cash Items – Applicable gaming taxes and gaming fees) x Commission Percentage

Where "Total Loss" is the combined total loss at all casino brands, and "Non-Cash Items" are the value of free credits or bonus money handed out to players by the casino or any other direct costs incurred to maintain the loyalty of a player.

The Rewards Affiliates Tiered RevShare model does NOT carry over negative balances, so you start each month with a clean slate.

Please visit our T&Cs page here for more information regarding this model.

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